Jenny Castle

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As the daughter of two ballroom dancing motorcycle enthusiasts, Jenny Castle’s eccentricity was inevitable. She descends from a long line of Slovenian cabbage farmers, who are responsible for the invention of the now world-famous coleslaw wrestling events at Daytona’s annual Bike Week. Her first exposure to dance was doing the polka with her grandpa to the accordion heavy sounds of the Polka Pals at the Slovenian lodge hall.  In 1984, she twirled her first fire baton at Miss Penny’s baton camp in St. Petersburg, FL, beginning her lifelong obsession with setting things on fire.  Her other obsession, following the Lord Jesus Christ, began when she was first introduced to our magnificent Savior by her beautiful southern grandmother (who had a very long and difficult to spell southern name that we won’t even attempt to write here.) The same grandmother who would offer you no less than 17 different things to eat every time you visit.  That’s what we call Southern hospitality.

Performing throughout her life, she put her dreams on hold after college to marry a big jerk and have four wonderful, amazing circus children. After a few stints as a kindergarten teacher, non-profit organization director, and minister, she divorced that jerk, met Dr. Sinn and the Clowns, and reignited her performance career.

… and the rest is history.