Sally B. Dash

Sally B. Dash comes from a long line of Western Pennsylvania mouth trumpeters, which lends her a natural gift for that most noble of instruments, the kazoo. Under the tutelage of Miss Scotland 1971 (and her mother, the infamous Miss Audrey), Sally learned the finer points of dance. When she wasn’t dancing, she was in a barn learning to boss horses around. Soon Sally was bossing people around too!

These days, she continues to hone her bossypants skills as the rehearsal director, stage manager, and clown wrangler of the Musical Sideshow. Besides Dr. Sinn’s, she produces Sally B.’s Dashing Revue and is a member of the Mischievous Madams. In conclusion, she’s awesome, she’s the Titillating Tapper, and you love her!

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